Monday, April 25, 2011

preach it, brother.

Sorry, if you received a post notification with no post. I tried to post a video and when I did, it ate up the entire page on the blog. It was too big, so I took it off. Still figuring this stuff out.

But I did want to share something that some friends of ours posted recently -- specifically the husband/father 'guest posted' on this wife's blog. Powerful stuff. Sometimes I just think we need to hear the tough stuff. Stuff I don't want to hear, frankly. That's what the video was about too. One day, I'll figure out this blogging stuff!

Some other 'new' friends of ours are in Ethiopia this minute and have met their sons! Holy Cow! To hear of their first encounter with each other just made my heart swell. Thought you might revel in this story of God's sweet hand being on this growing family. Here are her words.

Thought a quick update was in order after all the faithful prayers from y'all! Indeed our Lord lives!

I was sure of our plan for meeting the boys. We would go in first to meet J video taping. We would follow the boys' lead on letting us get close, etc. After we had a few moments and first pix, then we'd go get the girls and have J join for their own time (and pix). God was in control (lest I forget) He had something else in mind. So, we were waiting for the go ahead when these 2 more than precious faces that we had only seen in pictures came RUNNING out to
us! As if saying 'Tadda'! We were all stunned. They were coming to US. I've learned God likes to teach me so much more in this adoption process about Himself. This was no different! With every bit of our wanting to offer ourselves to them, they gave of themselves to us for the morning...a multiplied minutes morning. There was not a hint of awkwardness from them! We played outside alone as a family...with a couple of balls, bubbles and trucks (which later they would not share of course). We went to their room and saw their cribs head to head, we saw them proud before their friends, we saw them play (and not) with the others and with us and snacked a final few minutes together. Our kids were overjoyed. They too witnessed their little
personalities unfolding before them without a word understood. I think I felt like I came up short with what I could offer, until I realized the offering was for me. I sometimes just stared at what was a couple birthing hours our family was being knitted. Not by what we were doing but by what God had already done....and will continue to do. He redeems...He can't help it. Friends, if you ever get the chance to 'risk' because God nudges in some way....JUST DO IT! He is the treasured gift...whatever the process. Ours today just happens to be 2 boys across the world that we get to call our sons. Jesus does the outpouring, we get to taste and see that He is soooo good!

Just wanted to share how God's kingdom is on the move! Awesome.

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