Wednesday, September 7, 2011

the overcomer

When we sent off our referral saying that we accept being matched with James, I thought, 'Ooh!  I bet we can now get updated info on him!'  So, about a week ago, I asked our agency for an update.  They said they'd try, but information isn't readily available so they would have to specifically inquire on James' status.  And any news could take a couple of weeks.  humph.

Several days ago, it occurred to me that perhaps I could contact those missionaries who met James so long ago and have loved him, prayed for him and so longed for him to have a family.  You remember the ones: different teams travel over there and love on the orphans.  They would be the most likely ones to have been in contact with James in the recent past.  They weren't allowed to share any info with us until after our referral was complete. I figured surely since our referral's in, I figured maybe, just maybe they'd be able to help us out.

But life has been, well, life and I haven't remembered to reach out to them.

And then.

Out of the blue.


I get an email from one of the missionaries!

Come on!

You have got to be kidding me!

I haven't heard from them or contacted them in months because it was made very clear to us that until we were further along in the process, they really couldn't share anything about James with us.  sigh.

So we've waited.

And then today, we got the hugest gift!

We saw him.

And he took our breath away.

Would you LOOK at that sweet face!?

He is happy.


Major prayers were answered today.  I cannot even tell you.

We heard things like, 'He grabs things with his hand.'

Until that moment, in that email, we didn't know for sure if he would ever be able to use that little hand God so blessed him with.

The floodgates opened.

(Our poor kids.  They just stared at me while my shoulders heaved and I didn't make a sound.  Of course, I explained that they were happy tears, but to see your momma cry is not a comforting thing for children).

The photo below was given to us months ago and is with me almost everywhere I go.  In a sense, it has haunted me.  Is it just me or do these photos almost look like two different boys?!  The blank look in his eyes.  The seemingly emptiness.

Yeh, well, look at THESE!  Taken just in the last couple of days!

And look at the big boy holding something in his hand!

And Mr. Tough Stuff is pulling up on his knees.  Granted, Mr. Tough Stuff needs a new shirt, but still.  His uncles will be sure to get him in some camos before he knows what hit him!  :)

And read this description of him (aka Gabe) from the missionaries:
We are so excited that little Gabe will soon be enrolled in our school inside the Jinjiang orphanage. Many of us have known him since he was a tiny baby, and even though he has a more significant upper limb difference, he doesn't let anything stop him! We know he will thrive in the classroom as he is just so smart.

Y'all.  My fervent prayer for James has been that he'll be an overcomer  because, well, frankly, he's got some challenges before him.  But if he has the spirit of a fighter and 'doesn't let anything stop him' then he will live a full life.

And isn't that what all parents want for their kids?  

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  1. i'm in AWE of how God is preparing your hearts for THIS PRECIOUS BOY...NOT JUST ANY...THE ONE HE KNEW BEFORE HIS DAYS were given!!THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS SPECIAL GLIMPSE INTO YOUR GROWING FAMILY!! It sure is a picture of the Kingdom ...and your JOY and vision is a reflection of the our Lord's for US too!!! Praying and asking for God to be GENEROUS!! He IS!! just love how JAMES IS SHINING! His family is coming!!



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