Monday, September 12, 2011

talk about abundance!

I can't believe after months and months and months of literally nothing in the way of knowing how our sweet baby James is doing, in less than a week we've been showered with updates and photos!

So here's more of the abundance we've received.  Just got these photos today.

Look at the precious expression of gratitude to his little buddy who shared the ball with him!

Big Boy had his first day of school!  

And we got his measurements, to boot!

Weight: 20.9 pounds -- he's measuring closer to an 18-month-old at the 3rd percentile.  Looks like 12 mos. or 18 mos. clothes for this little guy!

Height: 75 cm -- not on the chart.

Head Circumference:  47 cm -- on the chart!  10th percentile.

Feet measurements: (L) 12 cm; (R) 10 cm.

It appears pretty obvious, that our little James isn't walking *yet*!   There were rumblings several months ago about his right leg being shorter than his left, but it wasn't definite.  More recent photos make it appear there's definitely something going on with his right leg -- and clearly, his right foot.  

The crazy-awesome thing is...we could care less!  We're feeling so grateful that God's creating a love in our hearts for this little boy that is beyond what we ever imagined possible.  Crazy how we can love someone so much that we haven't even met!  

Only God.

I haven't forgotten about an update on the children who still need sponsorships to attend the Believe in Me school at James' orphanage.  I have all their info and hope to do another post really soon about them.  Thank you to those of you who've expressed a desire to help!

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