Monday, October 10, 2011

5 years

I know this is an 'adoption blog', but I'm a mom!  A mom of four other children who are ripping my heart out with the speed at which they're growing.  So, I just have to show you.

Our boys turned five today.

I don't know how this happened.

Well, actually I do.

It was through lots and lots of diapers changed, bottoms wiped, spoonfuls fed, toes scrubbed, mouths swiped, laces tied, zippers zipped, buttons buttoned, cheeks kissed, hairs combed, necks nuzzled, loads washed, toys picked-up, snacks packed, backpacks lugged, jackets fastened, scrapes band-aided, tear-streaks cleaned, and piggy-backs given.

Oh, how I've been pushed to the brink of my mothering prowess with these little guys.  But God has been so good lately to give me a fresh appreciation for the unique and amazing little people they are.

Thanking God for the miracle they are.  From day one, I was blessed by them.  

So, in honor of these last five years, a few photos (some oldies, but goodies had to be resurrected):

From this...

 I think this was taken about a week before they were born.  My midsection has never been the same.  :)

 Baby B (aka Brooks) and Baby A (aka Jackson) 

To this...?

Such big boys.  We're getting ready to start working on shoe tying!  How can that be?!

Gotta love Monticello and Miche Tavern. 

Oh, how I love these little rascals!  Wouldn't trade you for the world, Jackson and Brooks!

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  1. love it!! I love seeing you pregnant with the twins!! yeah! :) Happy Birthday to Jackson and Brooks!! :)



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