Sunday, October 2, 2011

good morning, lisa ;)

The title of this post will only make sense to one person.  Great to see you, Leese!

This weekend, my high school class celebrated 20 years since we graduated!  How is that possible?!  In so many ways, it seems like just yesterday.  Yet, it also feels like an entirely different lifetime.  My life couldn't be more different now than it was 20 years ago.  And I'm so grateful.

I wouldn't change a thing because God has moved mountains in my life.  My childhood home was broken before I was old enough to understand what 'home' or 'broken' or 'intact' even was.  Being back in my hometown brought forth all kinds of memories -- sad, wonderful, lonely and sweet ones.  Nonetheless, it was beyond wonderful to lay my eyes on many old friends.  To hug their necks.  To know that in so many ways, time has stood still.

Something amazing happened -- something I was totally not expecting...

Everyone I talked to knew about James -- without a word from me.  The words of congratulations, encouragement and support were endless.  And overwhelming.  The love I felt from all these friends of my youth, many I hadn't seen in at least ten years, was sweet to my soul.  Our little guy a world away, who doesn't even know we exist, has a fan club!  His sweet little life is already impacting others.

Friday was a great day.  Not only did I have the treat of reconnecting with old friends, but I was able to see James in a new video.  I wish I could share it here.  Don't worry, when I can, I will!  He is the most delicious, scrumptious, precious child!

Counting the days.

Also, I did the raffle for Katie Davis' book, and, Sally, you're the winner!  The book comes out on October 4th, so I'll give it to you as soon as I receive it!

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