Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Now this is my kind of direct sales.

Look, I tried direct sales once.

I thought, 'What a great product!  This is meant for me to sell it!  What fun this will be!  And what a flexible schedule!'

Okay, so it wasn't for me.

I couldn't stand the feeling of 'pressuring ladies' into hosting a show or making a purchase (therefore I never did -- really couldn't have cared less about 'building my business').  Just wasn't for me.


This is the coolest reason to ever to sell a product.  This brilliant company formed out of a desire to help others.  Pure and simple.

And I mean help others.  

All over the world.

I've never known a direct sales company like this.  This was not started as a money-maker.  Read the story.  It's amazing!

And it doesn't hurt that they're stuff is beautiful and well-priced.  Buy something as a Christmas gift (starting with the Whitney earrings!) and help a woman across the globe support herself and her family -- potentially preventing her children from becoming orphans!

So brilliant.  Yet so simple really.

Introducing Noonday.

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