Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I so wish...

...I had something to report.

Oh how I wish there were some great news to share.

Perhaps soon.

Perhaps not.

I may not have any news to report on when we're going to travel, but I can share that I've had some glimpses of James lately.  A photo here and there.  Even in all his pink, little-girl-clothes glory, he is adorable.

Actually, I did get an email recently from the travel coordinator with our agency that was sent to all families who are 'getting ready to travel.'  Should we be excited about that?

I doubt it.

We're just hanging out.

Here are some photos of some of what we've been doing over the last couple of months while we're 'hanging out.'  One of the great blessings during this time is that life is full in the waiting so it makes the waiting bearable.  I'm really grateful for that.

We've been doing some of our most favorite things!

Like going to fall festivals...which we look forward to all year!

Watching homecoming parades.

Ahhh...caramel apple making.  Man, were these ever good!

And fun times to be creative and discover our artistic sides.

And cool little items that become fun ways to get organized.  Or at least try to get organized.

And trying something for the first time!  Like the Tough Mudder.

I find myself wondering often, 'What will James think of this?'  

And we have many conversations around the realization that when we do these things next year, James will be doing them with us.  What an amazing thought!  

He will be ours.  

He will be here.  

Thank you, Lord.

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