Saturday, November 5, 2011

jen hatmaker post

So, this post was sent to me from friends who are 'in process' too.


I consider myself to be to-the-point, but Jen is TO. THE. POINT.

However, I have to say, this is right on the money.  I agree with 99% of what she says.  Perhaps my delivery would be a tad gentler at times, but I appreciate how thoroughly she explains the different stages and challenges of bringing a child home.

It will take you about ten minutes to read it.

But it would mean so much to JD and I if you took the time.  

When we bring James home, we will likely be in one of the most vulnerable, stripped-down, yet glorious places of our lives so far.  It will make all the difference to know that 'our village' gets us during that time -- and even this dreadful time of waiting.  Grrr...we heard Thursday that the wait could still be 4 to 6 months from now!  Lots of different timeframes given by lots of different people.  Grrr again.

Thanks in advance for reading this.  But moreover, thanks for loving us.  Truly.  Thank you.

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