Sunday, November 6, 2011


Throughout my days, I think of so many things I need/want to pray for.  Some are so obvious.  Others, not so much.  If you're the praying kind, I thought I'd post a list of things we could really use your prayer over.  If you're not so sure about prayer or not totally comfortable with it, God will honor it any way you choose to communicate with Him: riding in the car, sitting at a stoplight, during your time on a treadmill, walking your dog, pushing a stroller, riding on a train or plane, or perhaps curled up on your sofa.  You don't even have to speak out loud!  There are no rules.

1.  Pray that God will be near to James -- and us -- as we wait.

2.  Pray that God will give James the images of our faces in his dreams at night.  Let us be divinely familiar to him so he's not terrified of us when we meet.  May his little heart say, 'Oh yes.  Them.  I know them.'

3.  Pray that we're able to slow down, unplug and do the possibly difficult (or possibly wonderful!) withdrawal from things that will be required after he's home.

4.  Pray that there's an instant connection between James and our biological children.

5.  Pray about the idea of taking Payton and Avery with us to get James.  They weren't interested several months ago, but now they are.  Actually, 'interested' isn't really the right word -- 'begging' is more like it.  We don't know if we can swing it, but think a trip like this could be seared on their little hearts for a lifetime -- not in the 'I'm-a-world-traveler' kind of way, but in a 'I'm-on-this-planet-to-serve-God-mightily' kind of way.  Not sure what to do.

6.  Pray, pray, pray that we will have complete and utter peace at God's timing for us to go get James.  Pray for peace as we ride this very real emotional roller coaster.  After getting our preliminary approval and thinking we could travel as soon as two months later, we're now being told 4 to 6 months from now.  I'm in denial and am saying 3 to 4 months.  Perhaps not very helpful?  Ugh.  

7.  Pray for cover for us as we need all the cover we can get.  :)  Still no sign of anxiety or vertigo in sight!  Crazy.

8.  Pray in advance for how much we'll miss our children while we're gone.  JD was gone for two nights this weekend and Brooks said after one night, 'I miss Daddy.'  And they were home with me!  :) I know, Mommy's not very exciting sometimes when you've been with her all week!  

9.  Pray that when James gets home, we'll have wisdom around what doctors to visit and what course of action to take with his medical needs.  And just that we'll juggle well all the doctor's visits with the very real needs of the rest of our family -- including ourselves!

10.  Pray that God will be glorified through every, cotton-pickin' moment of this!  :)

Love and thanks,

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  1. Heather, I met you Sunday at WEPC. Im a friend of Cindy's and the woman you heard speak about our domestic adoption of Gracie. We felt called on Sunday to adopt again, this time through the China waiting children program at Bethany Christian Services. So, you know, we're on day 2 of this journey. But because I'm spastic, already knee deep into the paperwork for our home study. But I love love love that you're praying James will see you in his dreams. What a gift that would be! I will begin praying that for our child as well.



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