Tuesday, November 1, 2011

p and a

Many of you know that 'P' and 'A' are used a lot in our home.

More specifically, 'Sweet P' and 'Little A', in reference to our two sweet girls who are asleep in their beds.

But yesterday, the letters P and A took on new meaning!


We got our Preliminary Approval (PA)!


So cut to the chase, right?

Well...we could travel in one month (ahhhhh!) or two months or three months.  There's no way to know.  In the beginning, we were told that it would be about one to two months between our Preliminary Approval and our Travel Approval (TA) and then travel within a month after receiving our TA.  But we've talked to folks who've adopted from China who say these last stages whizzed by for them.

They too were hung up for a moment and then, boom, boom, boom...they were asked if they could travel in two weeks.  Not saying we'll be traveling two weeks from now, but the idea of traveling by the end of the year is back on the table.


I'm really fine if it's January.  I have come so full-circle to accepting that timeline that, watch, we'll be asked to travel on, say, December 12th.



We're completely along for the ride on this one.

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