Friday, December 16, 2011

just a couple of things...

We didn't share with anyone that there was a potential glitch headed our way.  A glitch that could've delayed our trip to China by another two to three months!  Oye.

We just didn't want to get everyone (including ourselves!) in a frenzy if it didn't pan out.

I only mention it now because a soft, quiet Voice said, 'Just ask your agency again if this precaution is really necessary before speaking with the folks at Immigration.'

So last week, I went to our social worker and asked if we really needed to go back and cross that 't' from months ago.

'Is it really necessary?  Or just a hunch?',  I asked.

So our social worker sent an inquiry to the US Embassy to double check.

And we waited.

Just a day or two, but still...the waiting.  Always some kind of waiting.  Believe it or not, I am getting better at it!  Go figure.

And then the email came.

"The embassy said everything looks good and we don't have to go back and file the such-and-such."


God, thank you for whispering to me.  Thank you that sometimes I actually hear You because so often I'm just deaf to You.  Plain old not-hearing, not-noticing, too busy, too distracted, too frazzled.  So thank you that there are times when I do hear Your soft voice.


A knitty-gritty update: We should be getting a letter any day from the National Visa Center confirming that our approval cable has been sent to the US Consulate (embassy) in Guangzhou, China.

Then our agency will file the DS-230 with the US Consulate asking them to issue and send a document called the Article 5 to the Chinese authority for adoptions (CCCWA) that states that our adoption complies with US immigration law.

This should all occur in the next month or two.  Then our travel approval will be issued by the CCCWA and we'll travel within a month of receiving our travel approval!

I'm still 'feeling' February...


I found this blog a year or so ago when I googled 'Ethiopian adoptions.'  I have found Missy's way with words funny, light and on-the-mark.

I found this post especially poignant today.  Never thought much about Mary.  I do now.


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