Monday, February 27, 2012


The last several days have been such a roller coaster.

I would've never thought it possible, at this stage of our journey to James, that we would go days hardly thinking about our trip to China at all.  It's crazy.  Just haven't really been able to go there.  Our minds and hearts have been so consumed with worry and prayer for Emma.

Emma is stabilizing.  Thank You, Jesus.  Prayers are being answered and, my gosh! are prayers being said.  It has been overwhelming to see the body of Christ come together, far and wide, to pray for this precious child.  It was so touch-and-go at times.  I can't even tell you the fear and worry.

But God is faithful and He's carrying Emma through this time.  She is slowly, slowly improving thanks to a Christian neurosurgeon who's decided to 'break protocol' with her and be a little more aggressive in his approach (because in the middle of the night he heard that still, small Voice tell him to do so).  She had a shunt successfully placed yesterday and that is huge.

So it's time to get our heads around our impending trip!

Yes, it's time!

There is much to do!

Haven't put a single garment in my suitcase!

We're starting to allow ourselves to really imagine meeting James.  Please pray that he will not be terrified at the very sight of us!

What I really wanted to get on here and share with you is our flight arrangements.  I know we've expressed the need hunker down and withdraw from life a bit after we bring James home, but there is one exception.  I've had several folks express interest in being at the airport when we get back.  If this is something that interests you, we're open to folks being there.  We realize James may be a little overwhelmed, but it's also a very joyful time for our family and friends and we want to share it!  No pressure to be there of course, but if you'd like to consider it, please know you're welcome.

Our return flight will arrive at RIC on Thursday, March 15th at 6:21 PM from Newark.


It's truly amazing to imagine the moment when our feet will hit the ground here in Richmond with our boy in our arms.

17 days and counting.

Just 17 days!  


  1. So excited for you guys! We are continuing to pray for peace & safe travels. Have a wonderful trip-looking forward to meeting James!

  2. So excited for you. Laughing at the thought of a missing boot. Glad you packed your sense of humor. It will come in handy!!! Cant wait to see pictures of James finally in your arms!!!



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