Thursday, February 23, 2012


Today was not the day I thought it was going to be.

JD and I went to bed last night with such joy and gratitude.  God moved a mountain yesterday (more on that later -- it just doesn't seem to matter that much now).  But very quickly today, our focus was elsewhere.

Early this morning, I got a call from the mother of a dear friend to tell me that my friend's daughter (11-years-old) had been flown to the hospital with a brain hemorrhage at 7 AM.  Oh, the terror of this kind of news.

I'm so numb right now after a day of tears, prayers, tears, prayers, tears, prayers that I can barely write this.  My bed calls.  Peace calls.  A new day calls.

But, before I go and leave you with such heavy thoughts...know that God moved a mountain again today.  This sweet child, Emma, is going to make it.  After many, many, many moments of not being sure, God heard our cries.  It was the worst scenario laid before us, but He was merciful.

Will you join us in praying for a complete healing for sweet Emma?  She has a long road ahead of her.  But she has a faith that's stronger and wider and higher and longer than any road before her.

She will be fine.

I just know it.

We love you, Emma.

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