Wednesday, February 15, 2012

a little valentine's day fun

Valentine's Day was extra fun this year.

I struggle with the 'smaller' holidays.  Sometimes I can't be bothered with all the fuss.  The pumpkins.  The hearts.  The shamrocks.  The Easter eggs.

Christmas is the only exception.  I love Christmas.  Including the decorations, the baking, the cards, the everything.   

As each holiday rolls around, my kids ask me to decorate and I begrudgingly oblige.  But something I saw on-line a month or two ago made me excited about Valentine's Day.

Think tooth fairy pillows with a twist.

I affectionately named them 'love pillows.'







I knew right away who I needed to recruit as my accomplice -- my sweet friend, Amy.  Who just happens to be an amazing seamstress -- she was on board from the get go.  

Several weeks ago, we ordered in, drank some wine and hunched over our sewing machines while burning the midnight oil.  Voila!  The goal was to give them to our families on February 1st -- okay, so my family didn't get theirs until the 2nd.   

But, man, were they a hit! 

It was so much fun to write little love notes to each other over the last couple of weeks.  So much so that we've decided we'll keep our love pillows out until the end of the month.  Two weeks just wasn't enough!  And to think that we have to wait a whole year to enjoy them again.  Well, we're just not ready to part with 'em yet.  :)

The other thing that made Valentine's extra fun this year was that JD had the idea that we should surprise the kids with a chocolate fondue spread after dinner.  

They loved it!

We'd sent them downstairs to wait while we got everything set up.  They were squealing like it was Christmas!  Just put a little chocolate out and they're good to go.  

Funny side story:

The kids knew we had a surprise for them on Valentine's Day, but didn't know what.  I was running into Target with the boys for fondue skewers.  I knew the boys probably didn't have a clue what fondue is, so I let them overhear me telling someone, 'Well, they don't know it, but I need to get fondue skewers because we're going to do fondue tonight.'  

In the backseat, Jackson says, 'Brooks!  Brooks!  We're not supposed to know, but we're doing fondue tonight!'

'What's fondue?'

'I don't know.'

You just gotta love five-year-olds.  :)


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