Wednesday, February 8, 2012

march 2nd through the 15th

[Insert Peter, Paul and Mary singing here...]

Leeeavin' on a jet plane...don't know when I'll be back again...

Well, we do actually know when we'll be back again...

March 15th!


Praise Jesus!

It looks like we're going to fly straight from here to Hong Kong.  We are over-the-moon!

That child's never gonna know what hit him!  God bless that poor boy!  I am going to have the hardest time not kissing those cheeks and staying out of his grill.  Ugh.  I just pray he adjusts so beautifully.  Pray with me, will you?

And you better get ready for some mad-blogging because, if I can arrange it (and have the energy and stamina for it), I hope to chronicle every stinkin' detail of our first days with our boy.  I cannot wait.

I feel like I've been bottled up lately with a lot of thoughts, but nothing worth sharing...ha!...well, that ain't gonna last long.

I'm stirred up, psyched, pumped, jacked, ripped, flipped, it whatever you want!

More soon.


  1. That's great news!!! So excited for you guys!!

  2. the waiting is over!! the day is finally just around the corner!! we've been thinking of you all-- and are excited! keep us posted.. love you, karen

  3. Exciting news that you finally get to bring your boy home. Can't wait to hear all the details of you meeting your new son. Congrats to the Beam Family on their new addition.



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