Monday, August 20, 2012

a real cute kid

I know we all think our kids are the cutest kids.

I certainly have an affinity for my own.  :)

And I have friends whose kids are some of the cutest I know!

But there's one kid that takes the cake for us -- even according to his siblings!

You know the one.

How can this transformation be ignored?

He went from this...

To this...

To this!

Now, on the heels of celebrating his third birthday, we get to celebrate this little boy that has forever changed us.  

Vote for him in the Real Cute Kids Contest!  

Voting starts today!  And concludes on August 30th.  That's just 10 days to vote!   

You can only vote ONCE per person, so if you want James to get lots of votes (and we do!), then please recruit others to vote for him.  Share this post with whomever you'd like.  Or spread the word via email!  Please make sure you've indeed selected *James B.* before you submit your vote because your vote can only be submitted once.

Here's the link!

Thanks in advance for loving our boy with us!  :)

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