Thursday, August 9, 2012

james: an update

Now onto Jimmy Jam.  Great nickname, huh?  JD started calling him that almost immediately after we brought James home and, well, it stuck.  So fitting because he loves to jam -- he constantly asks me to turn on music and proceeds dance and sing.

James continues to do really well.

He's comfortable, engaged, attached, loving, silly, and funny.  Yet he's definitely testing us these days with his crabby, whiny, and protesting almost-three-year-old self!  Whooo!  He really is almost three, isn't he?  It's hard to keep my cool sometimes.  I've even had to resort to putting him in the next room while he screams at me to eat because I can't get the food prepared fast enough.  Within a minute or so, he comes scooting back into the kitchen still whimpering.  I'd forgotten how demanding a toddler can be!  Yet, he turns on the charm too so his sweet and funny side does often balance things out.  Thank God for that, right?!

He now calls me 'Monny' instead of Mommy.  :)  So instead of 'mama, mama, mama' it's now, 'Mon-NY!' with a strong emphasis on the ending.  Over and over and over again.  JD's begun replying with, 'James, James, James, James' to which James says, 'Huh?' and then smirks when JD says his name again and again.  

Clearly, his speech is coming along very nicely.  He has his own versions of words, but we understand most of them.  If only I could remember them all!  Poor thing will say the same 'word' over and over again and I, for the life of me!, cannot remember what he's saying.  Thankfully, I have lots of young, fresh minds around me that don't seem to have a hard time remembering which 'words' are what!

James has peed in the toilet several times.  Yay!  He will be getting a little potty for his birthday among other things!

We have put an end to his OT and PT sessions.  We gave it a good, solid effort for three months (going once a week), but decided that enough progress just wasn't being made to justify the time, energy and financial investment.  We are still working with a prosthetist in conjunction with the PTs/OTs but will only go see them on an as needed basis.  James was fitted with a leg brace several weeks ago to see if it might be possible to get his right ankle to bend.  Not so much.  It pulls his foot back which isn't at all comfortable so he can only tolerate it for as much as an hour.  Then we started noticing a darker area (maybe bruising?) and it seemed to be bothering him, so we've discontinued it.  We will meet with the prosthetist soon regarding an orthotic (leg brace) that he'll wear to walk (with a lifted shoe).  So exciting!  He's ready!

He's a lover of Elmo.  Loving that little red monster is so universal.  He watches Sesame Street most mornings and trembles and shakes when it first comes on and he hears the music.  He can also sing the whole Elmo song.  You know the one...'La-la-la-la, la-la-la-la, Elmo's world!'

He's also been a huge fan of the Olympics!  He loved watching the gymnastics and would quickly hop off the couch to do his own gymnastics (rolls on the floor).  So, so sweet.

Then last night, we were watching the women's diving competition.  He was shouting, 'Swim!  Swim!' when he saw the woman plunging into the pool.  I said, 'Yes, they're diving.'  The next thing I know he's standing in the corner of the couch with his arm up, saying, 'Die.  Die.'

After watching him 'dive' several times, it was time to run for the video camera.  How precious is this?

Eventhough James now hollers 'No!' at me pretty much all day long (ahhhh...), he is an absolute gift.  His presence in our family reminds me that God is merciful and good.  

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