Sunday, August 26, 2012

james: {part 1}

To start this series, I'm going to link back to a couple of posts from when we committed to James and began our pursuit of him (versus pursuing a child, in general).

These are from April and May, 2011.  Read here and here if you'd like a little of the backstory or would like to revisit those first moments of our discovering James.

Below is the posting (minus his original photo) from Rainbow Kids where we first saw James.  Read these precious words.  First, written by someone from his original agency (here in the States) and then the words from those who cared for him daily in his orphanage -- and knew him intimately.  Lump!

James has completely and totally stolen my heart!  He has stolen the heart also of everyone that meets him.  He is very fortunate in that his care is overseen by Love Without Boundaries and several people have met him while working in his orphanage  both in May of 2010 and February of 2011.  They say he is active, alert, and just the sweetest boy ever!  James was born without a right arm and he has a deformity of his left arm and hand.

In May one of his caretakers at the orphanage said the following:

Because of the deformity of his both upper limbs, he only could turn around while lying in the crib. He could look for the sound source, and visually follow the moving objects or walking people. He could laugh loudly, would turn back when his name was called, and respond to the facial expression of adults. He is tender, has a ready smile, and would smile to you when he wakes up. While in the walker, if you tease him, he would kick his feet with laugh for he does not have hands. He looks very happy, and you also would be moved by his happiness. In a word, he is an active and restless boy. He would not like to lie in his crib after wake up, and likes to react with others. 

I wanted to start this series with photos from James' medical file (the one when he was found and other newborn photos), but my electronic version is somehow no longer accessible.  I'll get JD's from him and post those sweet photos next time.

More to come...

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