Wednesday, August 22, 2012

james: a series

I've had the recurring thought of doing a series of posts to show the amazing transformation of James.

It's true that James didn't have as difficult a transition as some children have.  He did not cry non-stop.  He was not inconsolable.  He didn't lose his appetite.  He wasn't sleepless (although he did wake in the night and cry out a lot and he doesn't do that anymore).  In general, considering the stories we've heard of children struggling so much with the transition after being adopted, we know James has done so very well.


Lately, we've been viewing photos and video of him that we received when he was still in his orphanage.  And all the footage we have of our early days with him in China and after first bringing him home.

The change is nothing short of remarkable.

His eyes.

We certainly could tell that he was sad, but can only see now how very sad he was in contrast to how very happy he is now.

I'll be plugging through photos and video in the days to come and post some of the stuff I wasn't allowed to post before.

I think you'll be struck too when you see what God's doing in James!

And, physically?  I can't even believe it!

He stood up next to our growth chart by himself yesterday so I jumped on the chance to take a peek since we haven't had him measured in months.  That child has grown nearly THREE INCHES!  I kid you not!  I will take a photo of the marks on the chart!  I thought we must've measured him wrong in March, but that can't be...we've been measuring our kids on this chart for years.  It's not that hard!

So awesome!

Oh, and today we're headed back to the prosthetist to have James' leg, arm and 'arm' casted (molded) so his orthotic (leg brace and shoe lift) and prosthetic arm can be made.  So excited.  Now, let's just hope he cooperates.  Last time we went there, the guy hurt him pretty bad trying to bend his ankle back and he cried like I've never seen him cry before.  Could I be so lucky that he'll have moved on and forgiven the prosthetist?  :)  We shall see...

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