Tuesday, April 17, 2012

brief update

Things are starting to move along with James' appointments.

The referral process can be a slow one, I'm learning.  Well, especially with spring break thrown in there.  So many folks were out on vacation.

But, the good news is that James has an appointment Monday morning with the international adoption clinic here with a local teaching hospital.  They'll draw blood (should be interesting) to test and see what vaccinations he needs, etc.  And just consult with us.

Also on Monday (I'm such a fan of killing multiple birds with one stone), he has his occupational therapy and physical therapy evaluation.  This is going to be great.  He's finally going to get some help eating.  Bless his heart.  The other day (and then again today) he tried to pick up a utensil between his hand and his cheek.  Well, clearly that's not going to work.  He was trying to poke his food with it, but clearly can't get food into his mouth that way.  It'll be so nice to get him fitted with some kind of assistive device that can go on his hand.  He's gonna be a mad man!  He'll never want to leave the table!  Which could be a good thing 'cause Little Dude's right around the 3rd percentile for his size.

He did really well at church on Sunday.  I finally (I'm such a rusty mother-of-a-toddler!) remembered to bring him some Cheerios and his sippy cup.  So he was a happy camper.  He sat in the seat next to me and ate his snack (with his feet!) throughout the sermon.  He's not really given the opportunity to do that very often because we sit him at the table in a chair/booster.  But this time he was sitting with his legs open on the seat and I put the Cheerios between his legs on the chair.  He quickly lifted his foot to me asking me to take his socks off.  Bam.  He was going to town.  I have no idea what the other people around us were thinking but they were very gracious.  And even helped retrieve a few Cheerios off the floor.  Five second rule.  Or is three if you're in church?  I'm kidding!

The boy's a champ.  Just a treat to have around.  Well, except that he has this ear-piercing scream he does any time he thinks someone's taking his toy.  Little does he know they could be trying to help him or, God forbid, play with him.  And what's worse is we can't use time out or some of the other tactics we used with our biological kids.  Fun times, for sure.  Hoping he'll learn to stop screaming the more I shush him and encourage him.  And his learning English will help.

Well, that's about all I have for ya!  :)  My bed calls...  Love to all!

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  1. Anticipating the good stuff to come with ot/pt! Thanks for keeping us posted! ox



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