Friday, April 13, 2012


Phew...where did this week go?!

Thankfully, Easter made a great come back!

The morning was rough in that it's never fun to have a loved one sick in bed, but we rallied.  Well, JD rallied.  Actually, I rallied too because I was sad Sunday morning as the kids and I watched 'Hop' when we would've been at church.  I really wanted to be there.  But this is life, isn't it?  Unplanned.  Unexpected.  Unseen sometimes.

So we headed to the lake for the family gathering we'd planned for weeks.

It was restorative to be there with everyone.

My aunt, uncle, and cousins came.  My brother's family was there, of course.  It was so nice to all be together.  We had a lovely meal (that poor JD couldn't partake of).  He finally felt like he could eat at about 6 PM on Sunday.  And by Monday morning, he was himself and off to work!  A true 24-hour bug.

We even got a boat ride in which is always a treat!  The weather was perfection.  We wrapped up the day by watching 'War Horse' together.

These are some of our most favorite things in life.  Truly.  Being at my parents', the serenity of the lake, sitting outside on the deck on a beautiful day, going for a boat ride (maybe tearing up the dance floor a bit...see video below), sharing a meal, bonfires, maybe curling up to a movie, just being together.

Counting our blessings.


Isn't it funny the wrangling that has to occur to get a decent photo when children are involvedt!? 
(JD was moving at a slower pace and hadn't arrived yet).

What's the formula?  One good photo for every ten taken?  Thought you'd get a laugh out of these... 

These sure are some cuties, aren't they!  The photo's so much sweeter without me in it.  Seriously.

Love the sight of these Easter cookies my aunt brought.  Beautiful.

James' first egg hunt!  Excuse my screaming...I couldn't help myself.  :)  He was so cute dropping the eggs in the bucket.  

The joy of children!  What would I do without it?

And finally a family shot.

James continues to do well.  I have sweet stories to share all around.  Just not enough hours in the day!  

Love to all!

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