Sunday, April 1, 2012

livin' large

I've heard people say it, but I didn't know if I'd feel it.  

Oh, I feel it alright.

It's starting to feel like James has always been part of the Beam Team.  

I mean, how could it not?  Would you look at that sweet smile?  Dude can work some shades.

And this car for him to cruise around in was such a great gift!  Thanks, Angela!

It's probably his favorite ride.

And he always has a team of pushers fighting over pushing waiting to push him.

Here's a pusher now -- after a few frozen blueberries.

And another pusher.  Can you tell it's smoothie season again?

Life is so good.  I see miracles all around.  Sitting in church this morning with James in our laps and dear friends by our side who have been through one of the most trying times one can imagine and have been truly given a miracle was just incredible.  I don't know.  There are seasons like the one we're in.  Seasons of light and victory.  Seasons of darkness and struggle.  We've been in both.  But this is awesome.  

The mere fact that James hasn't had a single issue to indicate distress is a miracle in and of itself.  

No sleeplessness.  In fact, now he doesn't even cry anymore when we lay him down and walk out of the room.  He just lays there waving at us saying, 'Ni-night!'  Mmm-mm-mm.

No loss of appetite.  Everyone who sees this boy eat comments on his appetite.  We're in trouble when Brooks and Jackson are 17 and James is 15.  

No crying.  I mean, he cries, sure.  But he doesn't cry like I've heard some adoptive children can do in the beginning.  He's so darn happy.  I just don't know what to do with his happiness sometimes.

No constipation or other physiological issues.

There have been a lot of people praying for this young man for a very long time.  I just want y'all to know that the prayers are being answered!  

We are feeling some kind of grateful. 


  1. Just looking at him I would never think he was anyone else's but yours. It is exciting to see how much he loves his new brothers and sister and how much is siblings love him. Heather I am so happy for your all and James. We hope to be in Richmond soon so maybe we can hook up over the summer and I can meet the boy and the kids and re-meet again. It's been a couple of year since we have been there so it would be fun to see you all again. I look forward to your updates.

    Anne Marie

  2. James HAS been a part of your family for a year now, he just didn't know it :) God knows what He's doing when He makes waiting a part of our life. It makes the gift all the more treasured.



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