Tuesday, March 6, 2012

fuzhou: day 2

First some photos.

This is actually from Monday night.  We let James try out the awesome headphones Aunt Karen bought him so he can listen to music or watch something on the plane.  He happily sat there and listened to the Baby Einstein like show that we found on Netflix.  So sweet.

Our Tuesday morning Skype session.  The boy sat through three calls without a peep.  He seems to like all things electronic -- the computer, the TV, JD's Blackberry.  Interesting.

Before we went to the tea house, we toured a famous ancient hero's home.  This would be like touring Monticello and learning about Thomas Jefferson. Visiting and showing respect for someone who had a large impact on your state or country.

While strolling through the different rooms of the house, we came across another small group.  They were from another province and were enthralled with us and Payton.  They actually asked to take photos with us -- and Payton.  She was such a sport!  Must be the blondish hair, fair skin and blue eyes!  

The entrance to the tea house (adjacent to the folk hero's home).  This is a common tourist attraction in Fuzhou.  

I had no idea tea was such a big deal in China.  When I think of tea times, I think of England and Great Britain.  But the Chinese really enjoy tea and find time in tea houses and preparing and 'tasting' tea as relaxing.  We found it so!

The tea was loose (not in bags).  We sampled black tea, green tea, jasmine tea and black dragon tea (right to left in the photo).  

This is the jasmine tea steeping.  It was so cool!  When it was placed in the water the flower was in a ball, but as it sat in the hot water it 'bloomed.'  So cool.  And the flavor was so floral!  Very nice.

We sent some dirty clothes to be laundered this morning.  Had it back by late this afternoon.  It all came back wrapped in plastic bags.  It was so cute!  In situations like this, I can tell how dependent on my washing machine I am!  I do not like my inability to wash our clothes as I wish.  Ahhh...so regimented!

James had a great day!  He is growing to trust us more and more.  He's smiling at JD and I and making more and more eye contact.  He was really only interacting directly with Payton.  He would look at us, but not really react the same way to us that he did with Payton.  That began to change today.  He's hilarious.  Inventive.  Determined.   Silly.  Smart.  Creative.  Curious.  And happy (most of the time).  

He did grow upset once today.  And I'm so happy to say it was only once!  It was when we were trying out the baby wrap that JD's cousin sent us to use.  I was trying it on JD to show him how it works so we could decide if we want to use it tomorrow.  James just didn't feel secure or safe or whatever on JD's back and going through the process of wrapping him up in it, so we bagged it.  Maybe another time, but not yet.  We can carry him.  It's not a problem.  

Here's a video that shows how far he's come in just a day or two.  He really seems to be attaching to JD.  It's amazing.  JD's amazing.  :)


  1. He's so precious! I love watching scoot. And, what a special bond he and Payton seem to be developing. So precious.

  2. Love seeing that boy in the arms of his Mama and Daddy! So happy for you all!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing all your updates. We all love reading about your first days with sweet James. I know it's a lot of work to upload the photos and stories, but they are truly touching. He is a doll and we can't wait to meet him!

  4. He is so cute, Heather. Love the butt scoot. ;) So happy to hear that he is bonding. Praying!



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