Saturday, March 10, 2012

more q & a

A few more questions answered.

1.  How old is James?  When's his birthday?

James is 2 1/2.  Although, physically, he's so very tiny.  We truly have a baby in the family again!  His birthday's in August 2009.

2.  Did you get James immediately upon arriving to our hotel in Fuzhou?  Knowing you, the anticipation was probably killing you!

We arrived to Fuzhou by plane around 10 AM.  We were picked up by our guide and driver at the airport and drove the 30 minutes from the airport to the hotel.  We checked in and got settled.  Our guide showed us the conference room in the hotel where we would need to come to meet James for the first time.  We were to be there at 4:30.  By the time we got settled in our rooms, it was probably close to noon.  We headed downstairs to the hotel restaurant for some lunch.

We sat at a table by a huge window that overlooked the front driveway of the hotel.  The anticipation was pretty thick by this point.  We were very nervous.  I wasn't expecting to be nervous, but we were!  JD especially so and he's usually cool as a cucumber.

In fact, at one point (honestly, not intended to cause the ruckus it caused), we were all gazing out the window imagining if a car pulled up right then in front of us and he got out with his caregivers.  We were having a lot of conversation about what we'd do and how we'd feel seeing him!  About a minute later, I said casually, 'Oh, look!  There he is.'  Payton, Karen and JD gave a huge 'HUH?' in unison to which I turned to them in surprise (my back was to them as I was looking out the window) and said calmly, 'I was kidding.'  Karen burst into tears with laughter.  Payton and JD scolded me.  And then I apologized profusely trying to convince them that I never thought they'd react that way and they'd know I was kidding.  It ended up being a good laugh!

3.  Why the medical exam?

All children brought into the United States through adoption have to have a medical screening.  One, to be sure the parents are aware of the health of the child.  And two, so the United States government can try to prevent untreated diseases and illnesses into the country.  TB (tuberculosis) is one of the biggest concerns.

And, by the way, James' heart and lungs are in good health according to the doctor's examination yesterday.  Which means he probably doesn't have TB.  The doctor did say he thinks James will have to have surgery on his right knee (that doesn't straighten).  So then I asked about his right foot/ankle and he said, 'Oh yeah, probably have surgery on that, too.'  Ha!

I am so excited to get started.  I know that may seem weird because it's going to be a long, painful road for our little guy, but I want to get him the treatment he needs to be running alongside his brothers and sisters!  I can't wait to see him walk one day!  He's going to love being on the move and being more independent.  And, thankfully, he has four sibs to chase him down!

I just well up with gratitude that we are able (by the grace of God) to provide him the medical care he needs.  I am so happy to be his mama and to help him to become the boy, man, person that God created him to be!  And, yet, I know he is exactly who God created him to be even now.  He's right where he's meant to be.

Thank you, Jesus.

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