Tuesday, March 13, 2012

so frustrating

I did a long post last night about our trip to the Yun Tai Garden, but the auto save wasn't working and something happened to it.  Ahhh.  I feel like I did in college when I'd lose a paper I was typing on my Brother word processor.  The good ole days.  :)

So here we go again.

The rain ceased.  Although grey skies remain.

Our ride to and fro in GZ.

Entrance to the Garden.

Right when we walked in, we were greeted by this 'Barbie on the go!'  Hilarious.  I had to get a video...

JD and I had to go corny in the wedding area of the Garden.  JD was attempting to do his serious 'wedding portrait' gaze until I cracked up.

And then Karen wouldn't let us forget the must-have wedding band shot.

He's come to love a shoulder ride!

This expression on James' face has become so sweet to us.  It's his 'I'm going to hold in my smile' face.  Cracks us up (clearly)!

Back to the Island we went.  We ate lunch at Lucy's with about ten other American adoptive families.  It's the American fare restaurant on the Island complete with posters of James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and Jude Law adorning the walls.  Of course, we had our fall back of french fries and pizza but did spice it up a bit with grilled cheese, tomato soup, and a chicken wrap.  I should've gotten a photo of Lucy's in honor of our Lucy at home!  :)

Here are some more shots from around the Island.  

There are many, many beautiful statues around the Island.  You better watch out, Monument Avenue!

I found this one neat.  It's the evolution of the Chinese woman: ancient, traditional and modern.  Beautiful.

Now this Barbie we couldn't pass up for our Avery.  (Don't tell her, Mom.)  If you'll look closely, you'll see the little sign on the front says 'Going Home.'  It's an adoptive Barbie with her baby!  Priceless.  

James is quite a hat model! 

Today (Tuesday) we went to the U.S. consulate.  That was a neat experience.  We swore an oath as James' parents.  Cool.  His visa will be ready tomorrow at promptly 3:30.  Aron will fetch it for us and then we're headed to Hong Kong.

All is well.  I can't believe we're 48 hours from being on our flight home!  Fantastic.

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