Friday, March 16, 2012


What a trip.

James looking down at the James River.  :)

What a welcome.

Overwhelming, to be honest.

I was not expecting the crowd.

It was a school night.

Our flight was delayed.

But our dear family and friends waited.

And waited.

And waited.  

Folks met for the first time.  

Or caught up.

And goofed off to pass the time.

We couldn't have been more grateful that each and every one was there.  I just cried.  It didn't feel like the end of a 24-hour long journey, but the end of a 16-month long one.  And we couldn't have felt more loved, supported or embraced.  Leaves me feeling completely unworthy.

Then we arrived home and found our 'frig stocked!

Fresh flowers.

Precious words.  

Homemade baked goods!  Friends after my own heart!

The love of Christ literally lived out here on earth and expressed through the people who love Him.  Amazing.  Nothing like it.  

In fact, it leaves a girl like me feeling rather unworthy at times.

And as if we needed anything more to come home to, God gave me this to wake up to this morning.

Blue skies.


Downright unworthy, I tell you.


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