Saturday, March 17, 2012

good times

In China, it was just us and James.  Yes, Karen and Payton were with us too, but we weren't having to parent four other children besides James.  It was easy to give him the majority of our attention.  We all did!  He was showered with attention by us, including Karen and Payton.

Now, we're just busier.  There's been a lot to do being home -- loads and loads of laundry, several suitcases to unpack, new systems to put into place (lying with James when we put him to bed, adding another plate at the dinner table, putting his toys in 'his' spot so he know where they are, etc).  As today wound down we realized we're making some headway.  We're getting a handle on things and are getting the house in functioning order.

And there's been so much joy.  So much, y'all.  Full belly laughter as James gets to know Avery, Brooks and Jackson.  And watching them with him.  Truly precious.  They're arguing over who gets to feed him, carry him, change his diaper.  It's so sweet.  And probably a tad overwhelming to him so we've had to tell them at times to give him some space.  I'm trying to enjoy it because I know it may very likely be a honeymoon period that will end.

All in all, he's doing remarkably well.  I mean remarkably.  Not sure if this is just a phase, but I suspect it's not.  He just seems to be a generally happy child.  He's easy going.  The poor boy slept 10 minutes today after being all messed-up sleep-wise.  He took a five hour nap yesterday.  And then today we were on the go a bit, so he only slept in the car on our way to Target.  He was literally falling asleep at the dinner table so we put him to bed at 5:30.  Hopefully, he'll sleep through the night.  I suspect he will because he's a good sleeper.

Okay, here are a few recent shots and videos.  I'm like Quick Draw McGraw with the camera these days.  Every other minute I feel like I'm going to miss something that we'll want on video one day.  Thank God for the smart phone.  

Look at how teeny-tiny he looks!  

His check-up went well, but we're waiting back from our pediatrician after he consults with some colleagues on the best direction to take and where to get started.  

He doesn't mind the carseat at all.  Didn't even flinch the first time we strapped him in.  They don't use carseats in China so he always rode on our laps.  He doesn't seem to mind it at all.  He just points his little finger out the window telling us what he sees.  So sweet.

We put James in bed with us when it's time for bed and let him sleep with us until the middle of the night and then we move him to his pack-n-play.  When JD was heading to bed last night with James, Brooks wanted to lay down with them too, so JD said, 'Sure!'  I got this shot when I went in to get Brooks an hour or two later to put him in his bed.  Priceless.

Lots of videos of his very first interactions with his siblings.  Precious.  Today was a great day for Avery, Brooks, Jackson and James to get to know each other better.

This is the purity of children's hearts.  They just gained a brother and they simply and purely love him.  He's a superstar in our house.  They want him to wake up when he's napping.  They want to sit next to him in the van.  They want to 'protect' him from our Lucy-dog.  By the way, she could care less about him, but if she comes near him he screams.  It's actually hilarious.  And he screams every time he comes near grass.  Grass!  It's spring and the boy can't stand fresh, green, glorious grass.  Honestly not sure if he's ever seen any.  I'll have to capture those two things next because you're sure to laugh with us.  Speaking of laughs, have you heard his?!  How awesome is it?  I wish I could bottle it -- well, I guess I kind of!


  1. I am glad that James is adjusting to home life with the Beam family. That laugh of his is infectious, what an awesome sound to hear. Congrats to all of you again on your newest member of the family.

    Anne Marie

  2. Love the laugh! Seems that he is fitting in just fine. How could he not!? What a lucky little boy.

  3. love how prayers come answered in many ways; sweet James' heart evidently was ready and prepared for his loving family! Welcome home, James! You are finally where you belong!

  4. Bev sent me this blog sight. I have laughed and cried reading and watching your wonderful family. God is amazing and seeing Him at work is just awesome.




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