Saturday, March 3, 2012

fuzhou, here we come!

Our wake-up call is scheduled for 5:30 AM, but I've been up (tossing and turning in bed) since 1:00 AM. Not cool.  The anticipation is unbelievable!  My mind did not leave James one time last night.  I had dreams about him all night -- odd ones too.  A dream about our meeting, a dream about how we got to him and he had grown an arm (dream analyze that one!), a dream about JD coming home from work and James squealing 'Daddy!' in the sweetest soft voice like we've heard in the videos of him.

Either way, I'm up and at it and we're headed to Fuzhou!  Please pray for safe travels there and a wonderful union!  Our social worker told us that although the time on our itinerary says 3:30, we could arrive to the hotel and he's already there or they could arrive in the evening.  There's just no way to know for sure.  We really don't give a hoot about what time the clock says, we just want our boy!

Please pray for him.  Our nerves have set in.  We're worried about him just being in an awful way and that the next several days (or weeks!) are going to be difficult.  Please pray that he'll be unusually open to us.

I can't believe this is it!  The day has arrived!  We are here and we're going to hold his little self in our arms!

Thank you, Jesus!

And I have to give another shout out to our great Healer and Physician!  Emma is slowly returning to us!  She had surgery on Thursday that went well and her doctors are backing off her coma medications.  She squeezed her parents' hands and opened her eyes.  Thank you, Jesus!  This is a true miracle!


  1. So exciting!!! Can't wait to see you all together!!!

    Great news about little Emma!!!

  2. So, so close... we are thinking of you all! Cannot wait!!



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