Saturday, March 24, 2012

video crazy

I cannot put my camera down these days.

I finish taking a series of photos or a video and then put it up thinking that I'm done and I'm just going to sit back and not worry about capturing stuff.  Then something cute starts happening and I think how I don't want to miss it.  I run for my camera.

Although, one day I know we'll be glad to have it all.

So yesterday was James' first time to Gramma and Papa's (my mom and stepdad's).  They live about 45 minutes away.  We go there regularly.  We had planned to stay close to home and not do any adventuring during these first weeks with James at home, but I wanted to go up there to say good-bye to my grandmother who's been here since January.  She's heading back to Michigan this weekend.  Plus, my uncle and a friend drove in from Michigan to fetch my grandmother so I thought the kids and I would go see everyone before they leave.  The weather's been beautiful and I suspected it would be the first time the kids would get to swim in the lake.

We packed the suits and sunscreen.  I thought I was going to get James in a swimsuit (how cute that will be!), but the bigger kids got the swimming out of their systems while James napped.

We did, however, walk down to the beach to touch his toes to the sand to see what might happen.  Curious to see if we have another offender (with it's partner, Grass).  It seems we do.

Poor little guy.  One day he'll experience these things with glee.  I think.

It appears that this child has been outdoors so little in his life that the first several times the wind blew his hair, he touched his hair and squealed!  And not in delight.  More a squeal of 'Holy cow!  What in the world was that?!'

In Grass' defense, James is warming up to it.  He will touch it and not scream now.  He'd prefer not to touch it, but he will.  On Wednesday, Payton was able to get him to sit on it by distracting him (sort of) with a cookie.  Check out the abs on that kid.  Dude can keep his legs in the air for a really long time while sitting!  What a yogi he'd be.

We also introduced James to drawing.  He's a fan.

And we introduced James to many of our extended family!  Including some of his teenage cousins.  Boy, were they a hit!  It was so incredible to have him so well received and loved by his great                    grandmother, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  

So many people see these videos and say he seems to fit right in.  We feel the same way.  

God is so very good.  :) 

Tomorrow will be our first day back at church.  Oh how we've missed our church family so.  We can't wait to go back!


  1. Nathan and I couldn't stop laughing at the pics of James with his feet up! He is so adorable. I remember all my kids not liking grass at first, crawling with their feet and hands instead of knees to stay OFF the grass. SO CUTE!

    I'm so glad that life so far has given you lots of smiles and laughter...His joy. We continue to pray for James to love and be loved. So glad to year you are coming to church, we cannot wait to see the family of 7 walk through those doors!! :)

  2. You have NO IDEA how reading your posts, seeing the pictures and watching your videos warms my heart. I prayed so for James' transition to be peaceful and while I am sure there are/will be bumps in the road at times, I could never have imagined how beautifully he is doing. Power of prayer and a loving and patient family is testament to his peace. I LOVE to hear his laugh. OH MY GOSH, I only heard his wails (that boy has some good lungs lol) whenever we tried to interact with him just one year ago. His heart was prepared. Hugs to you all!!!! xoxo Michele



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