Saturday, March 3, 2012

hong kong

Our day in Hong Kong has been low key which was the point of today.  We walked over to the jade market which was fun.  And overwhelming for P.  She isn't used to the haggling.  Not one vendor would let us walk away easily.  We laughed it off, but Payton quickly grew quiet.  She kept saying over and over again that she was really tired and was ready to head back to the hotel  And she looked beat!  We knew we should probably go on back to the hotel and let her take a nap.  After all, it was 1:30 AM for her!

We finished up at the market and went back to our room.  Within no time, she was wide awake and had come alive again.  After a little discussion, she admits that the markets (we walked through a food one, too) were just a bit much for her.  Not to mention that the streets were very crowded with people (we held her hand and kept her close by!).  I think we have to remember that she's only ten and sight-seeing in a big city is fun for us, but perhaps not always for kids!

We were going to head over to Hong Kong Island and check out Victoria Peak, but are thinking better of it.  JD really wanted to see it at night -- it came highly recommended to him -- but it looks like we may just eat an early dinner here at the hotel and then get to bed early.  We have another early wake-up tomorrow (probably 5:30) and then head to the airport by 6:30 to catch our 8:30 flight.  Not to mention a very loaded day (emotionally!) tomorrow with meeting James.

We've had a little snafu with our photo uploading capability.  We'll get it worked out today so we can take a bunch tomorrow when we get James and actually be able to put them on here!

Love to all!


  1. I am so anxious and excited today! Thank you for sharing on your blog so we can "follow along!" What a special special day!!!



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